May 02, 2008

Soundpool: Dichotomies + Dreamland

Soundpool is a soft-spoken shoegaze band from NYC, who like to use psychedelic background projections when they perform live. Dichotomies + Dreamland is a haunting electronic album that puts them at smack in the middle of modern day electronic dream pop. Singer Kim Field has the required voice to hover over the keyboard heavy backing and saturated guitar licks.

Soundpool: dicothomies + dreamland

Too electronic for the goth scene and too poppy for the avant-garde Soundpool are trying to carve their own niche - let's call trippy dreamy drone stuff, a a sound that George Harrison might have come up with if he had got rid of the raga in Within You Without You.

Kim Field: vocals, q-chord, omnichord, keyboard
John Ceparano: guitar, bass, vocals
Mark Robinson: keyboard
James Renard: drums
Rich Bennett, Dean McCormick, Andy Durutti: bass

Dichotomies + Dreamland is released on Aloft Records (USA) and Quince Records (Japan). Buy it from Tonevendor.


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