May 16, 2008

Joey Ramone: 8th Annual Birthday Bash May 19th

Remembering one of the greatest punk singers of all time:

Celebrating what would have been the 57th birthday of punk-icon Joey Ramone, the annual Joey Ramone Birthday Bash will take place Monday, May 19th at The Fillmore New York at Irving Plaza. Mickey Leigh, event organizer and brother of Joey Ramone, has announced that, as part of the 8th annual Bash, fans will be treated to a special reunion appearance from Manitoba's Wild Kingdom featuring Handsome Dick Manitoba, Andy Shernoff, Ross the Boss & JP Thunderbolt.
This year's headliners are Mary Weiss (the Shangri-La's) and Richard Lloyd (Television) and the SmuftyDogs. The spectacular party will conclude with The Joey Ramone Birthday Bashers featuring Jesse Malin, Cheetah Chrome, Walter Lure, Tish & Snooky, Jean Beauvior, Andy Shernoff, Joe McGinty, JP Thunderbolt, Al Maddy, Ivan Julian, Bobby Steele & Mickey Leigh. Also appearing are Charm School, Semi-Precious Weapons, The Independents, Local H, L.E.S. Stitches and Rachel Newman. In what has become a Birthday Bash tradition, Sean O'Sullivan's Punk Pipers will round out the night on the bagpipes. The night will be MCed by "Little Steven" Van Zandt, Matt Pinfield and Peter Aschner. Additional surprises are expected at the evening's events.


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