May 10, 2008

Jim Bianco: Sing

Jim Bianco has a way with words. He has been compared with Tom Waits and Randy Newman, but it makes more sense to name Jim White and Jonathan Spottiswoode. Blending jazz with blues and country on his new album Sing he creates a old-fashioned nightclub feel, using trombones and the upright bass to create a warm, analogue sound.

Jim Bianco: *Sing

Bianco is a traditional: he uses a snippet form Rhapsody in Blue in If Your Mama Knew, picks an up-tempo forties arrangement for Never Again and adds lots of reverb and echo to I've Got A Thing For You. The latter comes around twice, bookending Sing in two different versions.

After two self-released albums Sing is released on Hotel Cafe Records and distributed through Ryko. Buy the album from CD Baby or download it from iTunes.


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