May 30, 2008

Happy Anarchy: Reset

Brass instruments are back. Indie rock bands think it's cool to use trumpets and trombones again -- with mixed results, but every once in awhile a band gets it right. Take Happy Anarchy, a quintet form Staten Island, NY. They self-released their album Reset in November 2007 and have been getting favorable reviews ever since. Now we have a re-release on an independent label and a bigger audience gets a chance to listen.

Reset feel right at home among The Brakes, DeVotchKa, and Spottiswoode & His Enemies (if those bands don't ring a bell, try the Flaming Lips, or maybe even the Beatles in their Magical Mystery Tour period). Happy Anarchy loves taking risks, with twists and turns to mess with the melody that is always there.

Happy Anarchy: Reset

Reset is released on High Lark Records.

Happy Anarchy:
Joe Pecora: vocals, guitar, bass
Tim Boylan: trombone, acoustic guitar
Yuhei Yamanaka: guitar
Pete Smith: drums
Jesse Blum: keys, trumpet

MP3: Happy Anarchy - Bomp
MP3: Happy Anarchy - Vampire Bunnies


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