May 18, 2008

Escape from MySpace #09: Great Bloomers

Escape from MySpace
Escape from MySpace
Want to get out of the hell called MySpace? You can't. The posts are still up though. The section as such is closed.

The Great Bloomers are a garage rock band from Ontario, Canada. They have a self-released 5 track EP with rambling roots rock, sounding sloppy (but in good way) and soulful. Hints of Frank Black and Thurston Moore galore.

They are currently in the studio recording their first full length which will be released on Grifter Music.

Great Bloomers:
Lowell Sostomi: vocals, guitar, harmonica
Andrew Kekewich: keys, drums, vocals
Nate Hindle: guitar, vocals
Ty Rowles: bass, vocals
Shawn Dell: drums, keys, vocals

Live dates:
  • 05/29 The Horseshoe (w/ Jon Rae), Toronto, Ontario
  • 06/05 The Boat (w/ Spookey Ruben), Toronto, Ontario
  • 06/12 NXNE Showcase @ Super Market, Toronto, Ontario


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