May 17, 2008

Donna Summer: Crayons

Donna Summer was the undisputed queen of disco in the seventies and early eighties. After a 17 year hiatus she has new studio album, Crayons. Despite her claims that she has cut down on the fluff on this album, Crayons has been produced to the hilt. It's as slick and smooth as silk. Does it matter? Her fans don't want her to change her music and they won't be disappointed. The lyrics have matured, pointing out fame as an commodity that comes and goes without warning in songs like The Queen Is Back and Fame (The Game).

Donna Summer: Crayons

She will going an extensive North American tour promoting the new album. It will be test for all involved to recreate the sounds that were created in the studio. Let's hope she won't go the Dolly Parton route and fall back to lip-synching her songs.

Crayons is released on Burgundy Records. Release date: May 20th.


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