May 23, 2008

Darla Farmer: Rewiring The Electric Forest

Darla Farmer are from Nashville, TN, so you would suspect them to be country or at best. They're not. On their album Rewiring The Electric Forest they come with songs that are best described as brassy party music set to lyrics that bring back the golden age of 19th century bed time stories. Think DeVotchKa or Over The Rhine (in an inebriated mood) and that great band from Brasil, Forro In The Dark. There are hints of ska and vaudeville making Darla Farmer a 21st century version of Madness.

The lyrics are delivered so quickly at times that it is good thing that they are included in the cover art. Rewiring The Electric Forest has written fun all over it. It is the kind of music that is able to cheer up even the gloomiest of your friends (supposing they are not into emo, because, well they are doomed by their own account).

Darla Farmer: Rewiring The Electric Forest

Rewiring The Electric Forest is released on Papergarden Records.

Darla Farmer:
Clint Wilson: words, guitar
Bryce Leonard: bass
Ben Klise: drums
Casey Saul: violin, keys, background vocals
Joey Dykes: trombone, background vocals
Chase "Chief" Bunton: trumpet, background vocals
Ben Weber: keys, tamborine, background vocals

Live dates:
  • 05/27 Exit In, Nashville, TN
  • 06/18 The End (w/ Thao & the Get Down Stay Down), Nashville, TN
  • 07/02 Exit In (w/ Bombadil), Nashville, TN
  • 07/23 Wilson & Co., Laurel, Mississippi
  • 07/25 Tarantula Arms (w/ Lovehog), New Orleans, LA


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