May 08, 2008

Carney: Nothing Without You

Four guys, four songs. Carney from Los Angeles have come up with an EP called Nothing Without You filled with powerpop songs with a rock feel -- the kind of music The Babys used to make in 1970s. The title track steals some licks from Brian May, Imperial Lover and There She Goes are deceptive gentle love songs, but the band come truly into their own on the final track Testify, with a false ending, a snippet of a cappela and some bad-ass guitar. So, it's all good? Yup, bring on the full length asap.

Carney: Nothing Without You

Reeve Carney: lead vocals & guitar
Zane Carney: lead guitar
John David Lipscomb: bass
Jon Epcar: drums

  1. Nothing Without You
  2. Imperial Lover
  3. There She Goes
  4. Testify

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