May 13, 2008

Bridges and Powerlines: Ghost Types

There is a thin line between pop and punk. The former is deemed to be commercial, the latter is considered to be independent. NYC band Bridges and Powerlines is a pop quarter with a punk attitude. They go for the classic three minute pop song with the confidence and bravado of a garage band. Their full length Ghost Types is like a ride on vintage roller coaster: no loopings, but enough mountains and valleys along the way to keep the listener interested in the proceedings.

Bridges and Powerlines: Ghost Types

Bridges and Powerlines:
Andrew Wood: singer, minor keys
Keith Sigel: rhythm section, major keys
Pete Mucek: rhythm section
Jon Crockett: guitar

Ghost Types is released on CityBird Records. Buy it here, get it from insound or download from iTunes.


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