April 18, 2008

Motel Motel: recording "New Denver"

There is always a way when you want to get your hands on some studio time. Even it means you have to do a little trespassing. Brooklyn band Motel Motel member Eric Engel about the recording of their forthcoming album New Denver:

We recorded New Denver in Denver Colorado's Hamilton Theater (we would sneak in at night and record until the morning and then try to sneak back out, mostly unnoticed except two occasions we were escorted out by the Denver police, very nice people though i have to say).

The band themselves called it "shwag rock". Lavishly arranged with strings you can detect Over The Rhine, Spottiswoode & His Enemies and the Ryan Montbleau Band. Let's put them down as something for the advanced Americana lover. Motel Motel's first release, the Old York EP, is still available through their MySpace.

Tour dates:
  • 04/26 The Annex,New York, NY
  • 04/29 T.T The Bears Place, Boston, Mass
  • 05/01 The Space, Hamden, CT

» myspace.com/motelmotel
» motelmotelmusic.blogspot.com

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