April 06, 2008

Keith Richards: the GQ interview

GQ sat down with Keith Richards. They caught him in a very good mood.

Q. Where do you think Mick Jagger would be if he’d never met you?
A. Nowhere! [big laugh] He’d be just another wannabe. And so would I. There is an incredible chemistry with the Stones. I don’t want to analyze it. I don’t want to dickle in it. To me, Charlie Watts is the foundation of it all, because that’s what I work off of, and we’ve been doing it all our lives. [Rolling Stones founder] Ian Stewart—I must give my man Ian, and I think Charlie would agree, on a good day—it’s Ian Stewart’s band. We’re just keeping it together for him. It was his vision. It all comes from purity, you know? Which sounds really weird coming from me, right?

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