April 12, 2008

Holly Long: Leaving Kansas

Holly Long is a songwriter whose folk rock compositions deal might remind you of Tori Amos without all the over the top hoopla. Her third album Leaving Kansas is warm with a hint of sadness bubbling underneath. Long has been to hell and back - because of heart condition she was in a coma for a week and had to learn to talk and walk all over again.

Holly Long: Leaving Kansas

Produced by her friend Anthony JW Benson it took her two years to finish the album and she ready to take the stage again after a five year hiatus. The CD release party will be at Bunker’s, Minneapolis, on April 19th.

Leaving Kansas is released on Skim Milk Records. Release date April 15th.

  1. Brokedown
  2. Simply
  3. Trust Me
  4. Homeward Bound
  5. Excess
  6. Cindy
  7. Pain And Glory
  8. Bones
  9. He And I (For Truman)
  10. Too Much Mountain
  11. Sunday Redemption
  12. Softer Now
  13. Leaving Kansas
  14. Stray Dog (Bonus Track)

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» myspace.com/hollylongmusic

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