April 21, 2008

Dead Leaf Echo: Pale Fire

For those who are still craving for the glory days of the 4AD label: Dead Leaf Echo, a stylish NYC trio is the kind of band that will satisfy your needs for dreamy indie rock with plenty of snob appeal. Their new EP Pale Fire brings back the likes of Dead Can Dance and Lush. They enlisted Ulrich Schnauss (Depeche Mode, Coldplay) to handle the mix of the title track.

Dead Leaf Echo: Pale Fire

Pale Fire is a superb shoegaze EP, with Liza B's voice serving as a warm blanket to LG's laid-back lead vocals.

Dead Leaf Echo:
LG: vocals: guitars, keys
Mike DiLalla: bass
Liza B.: keys, vocals

  1. Warm Body
  2. Thought Talk
  3. Tears
  4. Cry The Sea
  5. Pale Fire (Ulrich Schnauss Mix)
  6. Reflex Motion

Pale Fire is released on Year of the Gallon. The first pressing is a 200 hand-numbered limited run. Two versions of art available, 100 copies each.

» deadleafechonyc.com
» myspace.com/deadleafecho

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