March 07, 2008

The Terrordactyls: Mike Bowers EP

The Terrordactyls is an American antifolk duo. Michael Cadiz and Tyrel Stendah decided it would be a nice to dedicate a 5 tracks EP to Mike Bowers, the father of The Pharmacy drummer Brendham Powers. He built them a treehouse back in the day, with electricity installed and ... wait for it .. a chandelier.

All songs are covers of Seattle neo-psychedelic The Pharmacy, and The Terrordactyls gave them their own jangly treatment. If this EP fails to cheer up, put in an emergency call to your shrink.

The Terrordactyls: Mike Bowers EP

The Mike Powers EP is released on Don't Stop Believin' Records.

  1. Overcast Summer
  2. Prince
  3. Growing Old
  4. Two Small Armies
  5. Andy


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