March 05, 2008

The Jet Age: What Did You Do During The War, Daddy?

It is a big idea for a concept album. What if there was such a thing like a revolutionary American suicide bomber? Erich Tischler, guitar player for The Jet Age wrote a song called False Idols, a song about martyrs, revolution, and political messaging and strung them together with two more songs that fitted the idea: If I Had You Then, I’d Still Want You Now and Shake. Those three songs would become parts of the three acts that make up the What Did You Do During The War, Daddy? album.

There are not that many garage band concept albums around - somehow it doesn't seem to fit with the idea of 3 minute riff based songs, but in this case it works really well. Tischler followed the advice of Pete Townshend who once claimed that he found writing was much easier when he had a “brief” to write to, and suddenly the idea of CREATING a structure for this new record immediately made sense.

In little over half an hour Tischler paints vivid pictures of a war that hasn't happened yet. If H.G. Wells had been in rock band, these are the kind of songs he would have been playing.

What Did You Do During The War, Daddy? is released on Sonic Boomerang Records.

The Jet Age:
Eric Tischler: guitar, vocals, keyboards
Pete Nuwayser: drums, percussion
Greg Bennett: bass


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