March 22, 2008

Saint Bernadette: I Wanna Tell You Something

Keith Saunders and Meredith DiMenna, the core members of Saint Bernadette, are a couple who got a lot music critics love with their 2007 album In the Ballroom. The follow up I Wanna Tell You Something is a 5-track EP that is filled with enough musical ideas to call it a full-length.

Saint Bernadette: I Wanna Tell You Something

Love Is A Stranger is the kind of song that last only 4:41 and seems to be much longer than that. Quoting the drum roll of Caroline Says I (Lou Reed) it segues into a sixties pop goodness, next to a take-no-prisoners guitar solo and back to the full choir treatment. This is the kind of songs that will be killed by thousands singing in the shower. In Between goes for the grandiose with a guitar part so simple and straight that it will drop your jaw in wonder. On In A Million has the back beat of a great mid-tempo dance song. The other two songs? Let's keep it short and declare them to be fucking brilliant, too.

  1. In Between
  2. Love Is A Stranger
  3. One in A Million
  4. Hard To Believe
  5. I Wanna Tell You Something

I Wanna Tell You Something is released on exotic recordings. Buy it from Amazon.


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