March 24, 2008

Rustic Overtones: Light at the End

Rustic Overtones, a funky soul rock band from Portland, Maine, was ready for a flying start in the late nineties, but record label trouble brought the band to a screeching halt and the members went their separate ways. Drummer Tony McNaboe felt that the band was ready for a reunion and started making phone calls. And they all agreed that is was a good idea to start over.

For their new album Light at the End they enlisted Tony Visconti as a producer, and with him behind the controls it is no wonder that this record sounds so good. The funk is still there (Troublesome, Hardest Way Possible), but there is also the acoustic (and accusing) Letter To The President, the Beatles inspired title track (think Penny Lane, and the bulk of the Abbey Road stuff) and the experimental Valentine's Day Massacre. Too bad they end the album with a clunker. Happy is the kind of jazz tune that the stepfather of the bride on your best friend's wedding will groove too, all alone and dead drunk.

Rustic Overtones - Light at the End

The band have secured the rights of the back catalog, which they will release DIY this time and they are on the brink on releasing a live DVD. Sadder and wiser, but full of confidence Rustic Overtones are back and in it for the long run.

Rustic Overtones:
Dave Gutter: vocals, guitar
Spencer Albee: keyboards, vocals
Jon Roods: bass
Ryan Zoidis: alto saxophone, tenor saxophone
Tony McNaboe: drums
Jason Ward: baritone saxophone
Dave Noyes: Trombone

Light at the End is released on Velour Music.


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