March 11, 2008

Colin MacIntyre: The Water

Scotsman Colin MacIntyre was formerly better known as the Mull Historical Society, the alias he used for his first three albums. The Water bears his own name and is continuation of his political songwriting, ending the album with Pay Attention to the Human, a poem written by Tony Benn. If you follow UK politics, you will find plenty of references, but for those who are not into that, The Water contains plenty of songs about other pet hatreds like the shallowness of being famous (You're a Star, Famous for Being Famous). MacIntyre serves up his songs as power pop with a hint of glam every now and then. Think Mark Bolan with a conscience.

The Water is released on Future Gods Recordings.

  1. You're A Star
  2. Be My Saviour
  3. The Water
  4. I Can I Will
  5. Famous For Being Famous
  6. Camelot Revisited
  7. I Don't Have You To Ask
  8. I Have Been Burned
  9. Stalker
  10. Future Gods And Past Kings
  11. Faith No. 2
  12. Pay Attention To The Human


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