February 14, 2008

IgOr: Solo View

There is a thin line between screwing up and coming up with avant-garde guitar playing. Igor Grigoriev performing as IgOr has been at the forefront for decades and is a true original. His latest album Solo View is a well structured collection of compositions that leave plenty of space.

IgOr: Solo View

Born in Moscow, he is currently based in LA and teaching guitar, music history, jazz history, ensembles, and improvisation at Los Angeles Harbor College and Cerritos College in Los Angeles, CA. Starting out as a rock musician in Russia he slowly drifted towards jazz and avant-garde.

Solo View is an album that needs be discovered track by track. The Japanese sounding notes and the drilling noises in White Doll sound sweet when you listen to them at first, only to realise taat it is in fact a pretty dark piece. IgOr pushes his guitar to the limit to great effect. He is a painter with six strings conjuring up images of the young Bach composing on a electric guitar. If David Lynch ever decides to make a film noir detective, tracks like Whatever Parker Wants and After A Long Day should feature prominently on the soundtrack.

  1. Dollar E
  2. Key Me
  3. For A Better Future
  4. Whatever Parker Wants
  5. Bach
  6. Love Or Leave
  7. After A Long Day
  8. White Doll

Solo View is released on iiirecords.com. Buy it at CD Baby.

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» en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Igor_Grigoriev

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