February 19, 2008

Fat Daddy Has Been: Who Wants Seconds?

Fat Daddy Has Been from Newark, DE, is the kind of band that bring a boring party to life within a few minutes. They play a mix ska, some reggae, funk, hip-hop and rock. Three members handle the vocals and they are having a good time singing over the classic drums, bass and guitar set up. A trumpet, sax and trombone join in to blast the house down.

Their new album Who Wants Seconds? is their calling card for wider recognition. It is filled to the brim with highly danceable tunes. When was the last time you jumped around in your room listening to an album?

Fat Daddy Has Been: Who Wants Seconds?

Who Wants Seconds? is released on the MilkBoy UnLabel. Buy it at CD Baby.

Fat Daddy Has Been:
Marchitect: vocals
Steve Bailey: vocals
Kevin Tarzanin: vocals, bass Donny Merrill: drums and percussion
Steve Bailey: guitar
JP Jones: trumpet
Andy Abrahams: sax
Taquia Brown: trombone

» myspace.com/fatdaddyhasbeen

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