February 05, 2008

Eugene Francis Jnr: The Golden Beatle

Eugene Francis Jnr: The Golden Beatle

UK singer Eugene Francis Jnr has completed his full length album The Golden Beatle. It will be available on April 28th, 2008. Worldwide digitally and throughout Europe on a gatefold CD. File under as freak folk with an electronic twist.

Track listing:
  1. Savour
  2. Beginners
  3. The Golden Beatle
  4. Hobo Occupation
  5. Mistakes I Have Made
  6. My Own Pollution
  7. Kites
  8. Turned Me Around
  9. I'm Maculate
  10. Poor Me
  11. The Kingdom Within
  12. Sometimes The Good

You can stream more tracks here.

MP3: Poor Me

» myspace.com/eugenefrancisjnr

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