February 13, 2008

Escape from MySpace #03: Broken Records

Escape from MySpace
Escape from MySpace
Want to get out of the hell called MySpace? You can't. The posts are still up though. The section as such is closed.

Broken Records is a septet from Edinburgh who play string heavy songs. They are peddling a four track EP which gained them a bit of publicity and airplay in the UK. They have a session in May for BBC Radio 1. File under folk with bursts of feedback, a darker version of The Levellers.

Broken Records:
Jamie: vocals, guitar, bass and mandolin
Rory: violin, mandolin, accordion
Dave: piano, trumpet
Gill: bass, guitar
Arne: cello
Ian: guitar, piano, glockenspiel, accordion
Andy: drums, percussion

Buy their songs at the indiestore.

» myspace.com/brokenrecordsedinburgh

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