February 07, 2008

Astra Heights: Good Problems

Four brothers and an "honorary" brother are in the line-up of Los Angeles band Astra Heights. These guys are all about the melody, name checking the Small Faces and the Zombies as their influences. Lead singer Mark Morales obviously listened to a lot of seventies Bowie. He even tries to adopt an English accent. Let's just hope that the Eagles-que The Whole World Changes is a mistake that they won't make again.

Astra Heights:
Mark Morales: lead vocals, rhythm guitar
James Morales: vocals, bass guitar
Joshua Morales: vocals, drums
Timothy Morales: vocals, rhythm guitar, keyboard
Bernard Yin: vocals, lead guitar

  1. Good People
  2. The March
  3. Choices
  4. The Ride
  5. The Whole World Changes
  6. Flat on the Ground
  7. It's Allright
  8. Burning
  9. Call to the Underground
  10. Never a Reason
  11. Well Farewell
  12. Greg the Illuminator

Download Good Problems on iTunes or get a hard copy through CD Baby.

» astraheightsmusic.com
» myspace.com/astraheights

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