January 20, 2008

The Second Band: The Definite Form

The trouble with describing music is that you have compare new stuff with all the songs that have you have heard before. So when listening to The Definite Form, the new album by Swedish group The Second Band, you find yourself scribbling down names of bands like The Cure (but note that the singer can actually pronounce the "r"), The Beautiful South (arrangements), Simply Red (well, not really after listening more closely, phew!), The Style Council, The View and about half a dozen others. Conclusion: there is something really English about them.

The Definite Form is a feelgood indie pop record. Who can resist lyrics that mention birds singing inside a piano? Release date: February 2 on Orange Grammofon. There's a release party that night at Club King Kong, Hornstull, Stockholm.

The Second Band - The Definite Form

The Second Band:
Sven Johansson: bass
Fabian Lundmark: trumpet and casio
Hampus Norén: vocals, acoustic guitar
Jerk Sörenson: electric guitar
Jacob Hjortsberg: beat

» thesecondband.com
» myspace.com/thesecondband

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