January 03, 2008

Temposhark: The Invisible Line

Temposhark is a typical UK band that goes over the top without stumbling along the way. Movie soundtrack honchos sit up and take notice: their debut album The Invisible Line opens with the great James Bond=esque Don't Mess With Me, a song will offend hardcore feminists, but hey - their outcry means free publicity, right?

The core of Temposhark is a duo: Robert Diament is the singer/songwriter and Luke Busby handles producing duties and is a songwriter as well. Mark Ferguson (bass) and Mathis Richet (drums) make it a quarter when they perform live. There's some Soft Cell in there, lots of Depeche Mode and a bit of R.E.M. The Invisible Line celebrates eighties electronic pop (Joy, Knock Me Out, Not That Big) and 21st century laptop goodness (Crime).

Temposhark: The Invisible Line

The Invisible Line will be released on CD and digital download in the USA/Canada on March 4th 2008 and in the UK on March 3rd. Pre-order The Invisible Line at Roughtrade.com and Amazon.co.uk.

  1. Don't Mess With Me
  2. Joy
  3. Blame
  4. It's Better To Have Loved
  5. Not That Big (featuring Imogen Heap)
  6. Knock Me Out
  7. Crime
  8. Battleships
  9. Little White Lie
  10. Invisible Ink (prelude)
  11. Invisible Ink
  12. Winter's Coming

» temposhark.com
» myspace.com/temposhark

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