January 16, 2008

John Cale: keeping busy in 2008

Uncut February 2008

John Cale in the February issue of UnCut:

I've done a couple of songs and we'll try to finish the album in January. I'm very impatient in the studio. I like to get in there, get the job done and get out fast. 2008 is going to be a busy year. I've been in Patagonia making a film called Salamandra. It's directed by Pablo Agüero and I play the role of Dick Winter, who's this dealer-cum-loser-cum-inspirational old hippy. The film's based on real people who went there in the '70s to escape the Argentine junta. I've go to record some music for the soundtrack, too. They want me to a new version of Gun from Fear in '74. There's also a Japanese tour and an album I've produced for Ambulance Ltd. Then there's the stuff I did with Danger Mouse. Working with him was like looking in the mirror. He got me playing on new album by The Shortwave Set, also out in '08.

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(Thanks: Karen Langley)

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