December 10, 2007

Wild Sweet Orange: The Whale EP

Anything good coming out of Birmingham, Alabama? If you are familiar with the Randy Newman song you might think that this is city filled with backward rednecks, but the gene pool has been expanded and Wild Sweet Orange is one of those bands that can break out of the mold. The five songs on The Whale EP serve as the forerunner for a full length next year.

Wild Sweet Orange: The Whale EP

Wild Sweet Orange could be easily mistaken for an Athens band. Yup, it's college rock with a jumpy back beat that starts and stops every now and then.

The Whale EP is released on Canvasback Music.

  1. Wrestle with God
  2. Tilt (Acoustic)
  3. Be Careful (What You Want)
  4. Land of No Return
  5. I'm Coming Home


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