December 18, 2007

Malcolm Holcombe: Gamblin' House

Malcolm Holcombe
photo: Bill Emory

Malcolm Holcombe is a country singer a grumbling voice from Swannanoa, North Carolina, USA. Country is a tricky genre, considered by many as conservative inward looking music where moon and june will rhyme forever and ever... Let's not beat about the bush, it is most of the time. Holcombe's new album Gamblin' House is a breath of fresh air. Sure, it is about going downtown, rocky relationships and all that, but he writes lyrics as good as Tom Waits or Nick Cave.

You might not like his stories, you might not like his voice but this is a serious candidate for acoustic release of the year 2008. This is a vintage sounding modern classic that will haunt the more shallow country lovers in their dreams. Already available to win over the uninitiated: a five track EP called Wager.

Malcolm Holcombe - Gamblin' House Tracks:
  1. My Ol' Radio
  2. Goodtimes
  3. Baby Likes A Love Song
  4. Goin' Downtown
  5. Evelyn
  6. You Don't Come See Me Anymore
  7. Gamblin' House
  8. Blue Flame
  9. Cynthia Margaret
  10. The Shade
  11. From Lovin' You
  12. I'd Rather Have A Home

Gamblin' House will be available from Echo Mountain Records. Release date: January 15th (digital)/29th (CD) 2008.


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