December 27, 2007

edibleRed: Welcome To My Bad Behavior

Name a good indie rock band with a cello. Tough one, right? Here's the answer: edibleRed is a quintet with a singer with punky pop voice, a garagerocker on guitar, a two man rhythm section who worked with big time rappers like LL Cool J and yes, that classically trained guy on cello who shared the stage with The Who.

Their album is called Welcome To My Bad Behavior and it's a journey through garage rock country mashed with the soundtrack of a Kieslovsky movie - especially Bleu and of course Rouge. edibleRed is a typical NYC band. They got the riffs and hooks and the bravado to take on the world. Catch them live in Amsterdam next year. It may the last time they play in small cozy venues over there.

edibleRed: Welcome To My Bad Behavior

Buy the Welcome To My Bad Behavior CD or go digital through iTunes.

Tour dates:
  • 01/15 The Annex, New York, NY
  • 02/14 IndepthYou show, world wide web
  • 03/22 Baruch College, New York, NY
  • 03/29 Cafe Bax, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • 03/30 Cafe de Doelen, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • 04/01 English Breakfast Radio Show 99.4FM, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • 04/03 'skek, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • 04/04 tba, Amsterdam, The Netherlands


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