November 15, 2007

Young Dudes: Young Dudes LP

Rock is simple. You need guitars, bass and drums and stack of Marshall amps. What's next? Some good tunes with lots of energy. A catchy name? Yup. The Young Dudes? But the drummer is a girl! So what, never heard of the legendary sixties outfit with a female drummer? O, OK.

The next thing is to draw some attention, so let's release the debut album of this Minneapolis band as a vinyl and iTunes only affair. The Young Dudes LP clocks in at just under 30 minutes, eight songs that just to beg to be heard at ear shattering volume. What do you a call a new wave record made in 2007? How about a garage party album. They namecheck Johnny Thunders & The Heartbreakers as a major influence. Vocalist Matty Torbinson sounds like mash-up of Tom Verlaine and David Johansen on speed. So dig out you old gramophone and drop the needle on Side A.

Young Dudes:
Katelyn Farstad: drums
Dustin Miller: guitar
Zach Wilson: bass
Matty Torbinson: vocals, guitar, keyboards

Young Dudes: Young Dudes LP

The Young Dudes LP is available for sale through Afternoon Records and iTunes. You can stream the full album on

Side A:
  1. Chin Music
  2. The Hit
  3. Don't Be So Nasty
  4. Tell Me It Ain't True
Side B:
  1. Sons of Seven
  2. (Doin') Crimes
  3. I Got No Time
  4. Fast Track To Zion


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