November 12, 2007

Super 400: 3 And The Beast

Super 400 - 3 And The Beast

USA rock trio Super 400 is the kind of band that will turn a moderate night out in a small club into a big time event. They have a bag filled with slow moving rock licks on their 3 And The Beast album. Think Bad Company crossed with a mellow version of the Bachman Turner Overdrive.

Super 400:
Joe Daley: drums
Lori Friday: bass
Kenny Hohman: guitar, vocals

  1. Emergency
  2. Push Back Now
  3. I Bet My Soul On You
  4. The Leaves
  5. Standby
  6. The Brave Path To You
  7. One Of The Unsinkable
  8. It's Gonna Burst
  9. Faces To The Sun
  10. All Is Right
  11. I Could Be Reborn
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