November 19, 2007

Levon Helm: Dirt Farmer

Levon Helm is a survivor. He was diagnosed with throat cancer in the 1990s and it took him many years to regain his singing voice after surgery. Dirt Farmer is his first solo album in 25 years, a collection of classic Americana. This is a blueprint for any singer who wants to dig deep into the history of of acoustic roots music. Helm is the son of a cotton farmer, so he knows the stories about the American heartland behind the songs.

The album was recorded in his rebuild legendary barn studio in Woodstock. Levon Helm plays drums and bits of acoustic guitar on most of the tracks. Dirt Farmer is an album that has "classic" written all over it, a worthy addition to the discography of former members of The Band. If Keith Richards should ever decide to make covers album Feelin' Good and Got Me A Woman should be on the top of his list.

Levon Helm: Dirt Farmer

Dirt Farmer is released on Dirt Farmer Music LLC in conjunction with Vanguard Records. You can cut out the middle man and order it from his website.

  1. False Hearted Lover Blues
  2. Poor Old Dirt Farmer
  3. The Mountain
  4. Little Birds
  5. The Girl Left Behind
  6. Calvary
  7. Anna Lee
  8. Got Me A Woman
  9. A Train Robbery
  10. Single Girl, Married Girl
  11. Blind Child
  12. Feelin' Good
  13. Wide River To Cross


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