October 25, 2007

Toupé: Chat!

Fucking awesome doesn't mean that much these days. Everything is fucking awesome. So to call an album fucking awesome is no good. You have to call it über mega freaking mind blowing totally fucking awesome to make a point.

Let's just assume you are smart enough to be familiar with Frank Zappa, Primus, Mother's Finest and some basic atheism. Got that? So then you like funky music with weird lyrics that actually mean something. In that case get of your arse and order Chat! by UK trio Toupé. And turn it up all the way to eleven. Toupé create a tight mix of jazz, funk, punk, ska, spoken word, and discusses the thermodynamics of hell, economics and a girl who start talking about Jesus at a really awkward moment. O, and they are funny as hell.

When the sun is shining, the atheist wakes
"I wanna be in a rock and roll band"
And God tried to understand.

Grant Sharkey: 6 string bass/BEGC 4 string bass, vocals
Karl Evans: 4 string bass, vocals
Jay Havelock: drums, some vocals

Toupé: Chat! Tracks:
  1. The Thermodynamics of Hell
  2. 3 Boiz
  3. Big Ones (a true story)
  4. We Need A Bag
  5. UA6885
  6. Haircutz
  7. The Karlsmos
  8. The Science of Stuff
  9. Yo Mamma
  10. Villains
  11. White Russians
  12. You Fell Over
  13. Terms and Conditions
  14. Join the BNP
  15. The International Anthem
  16. Uraniborg
  17. Yo Mamma (reprise)

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» myspace.com/toupe

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