October 12, 2007

The Apples in stereo: New Magnetic Wonder

The Apples in stereo are a bunch of geeks. Their album New Magnetic Wonder comes as an enhanced cd:

Dear Listener,

The enhanced portion of this CD contains the lyrics and liner notes in text format, in case your CD has become estranged from its packaging, plus the original unabridged album art by Andrew McLaughlin.

There is other fun stuff too: a couple of short films, a bonus MP3, and an explanation of a "Non-Pythagorean" musical scale Robert invented, which he used to compose the introductory tones of New Magnetic Wonder and two of the link tracks.

Plus there are SoundFont (.sf2) and WAV files of sine waves tuned to the Non-Pythagorean scale, and instructions for you to compose with it on your sampling keyboard or computer.

Music theory of this new scale is an open question, so we look forward to hearing the result of your experiments.

We hope you enjoy our New Magnetic Wonder,

The Apples in stereo: New Magnetic Wonder

Right. Did that put you off? Don't panic. New Magnetic Wonder is a highly sophisticated pop record with catchy riffs and the occasional spanner thrown in to get the casual listener on the wrong foot. All the enhanced stuff is nice enough to mess around with for a couple of hours after which you have come up with some über leftfield ditties that will scare the shit out of your loved ones. Art hurts, you know.

Oh, and let's not forget that they dedicated their album to Syd Barrett (1946-2006).

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