October 03, 2007

Swimmer One: The Regional Variations

Andrew Eaton (not the film producer), Hamish Brown (not the photographer) are Swimmer One. They are from Scotland, the country where they invented "the hole in one". Their album The Regional Variations is a quirky collection of off-kilter pop songs. They write about drowning, basements and gas stations, in a relaxed but slightly menacing way.

Imagine Belle and Sebastian, The Style Council and a whiff of Pulp and Radiohead and you get an idea (but not quite) about what they sound like. If those bands were into electronica, that is. Still here? OK, here comes the verdict. Two words: buy (that's one) now (that's two).

Swimmer One: The Regional Variations

The Regional Variations is released on the their own label Biphonic Records.

Buy The Regional Variations from Amazon | Cargo Records | emusic.com.

  1. Drowning Nightmare 1
  2. Largs Hum
  3. National Theatre
  4. But My Heart Is Broken
  5. The Fakester Genocide
  6. The Balance Company
  7. Drowning Nightmare 2
  8. Whatever You Do, Don’t Go In The Basement.
  9. Regional
  10. The Dark Ages
  11. A Petrol Pump In The Cradle Of Christianity

» swimmerone.co.uk
» myspace.com/swimmerone

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