October 17, 2007

Semi Precious Weapons: We Love You

Glam rock. Guys dressing up and churning out hard hitting poppy tunes filled with sexual innuendo. It died about 30 years ago. Or did it? Bands are still following the footstep of Marc Bolan, the Sweet and David Bowie. NYC band Semi Precious Weapons has been banging out glam rock for a couple of years now and their first full length album We Love You, with Tony Visconti acting as executive producer will be released this month.

Every glam band needs an extravagant frontman and Justin Tranter is a guy who just loves the limelight. He has the classic seventies voice, with some fancy stutters thrown in. He also designs jewelry, a very glamorous things to do.

Semi Precious Weapons:
Aaron Lee Tasjan: guitar, backing vocals
Dean Crean: drums
Cole Whittle: bass
Justin Tranter: vocals

We Love You is released on Precious Records. Release date: October 30.

» semipreciousweapons.com
» myspace.com/semipreciousweapons

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