October 27, 2007

Ryan Montbleau Band: Patience On Friday

The Ryan Montbleau Band is a band that focuses on the vocals. Their new album Patience On Friday is a dark one, a tribute for the band’s good friend and backup drummer Denis Babin who died in 2006. One song - How Many Times? - is split into four parts and serves as the glue between the other songs. They got Karl Berger (of Jeff Buckley's Grace fame) to arrange the strings and a ton of guests to play horns.

Inviting a lot of outsiders can muddy your original sound, but the Ryan Montbleau Band did not fell into that trap. The production of Patience On Friday is crystal clear, with the guests riding shotgun to the core members in the driving seat. It is a serious record, with some lighter moments, like a song about how you want your Eggs in the morning.

Buy Patience On Friday from the band's website.

Ryan Montbleau Band: Patience On Friday Tracks:
  1. How Many Times? (parts I and II)
  2. Draw The Line
  3. 75 And Sunny
  4. Love And Love Lost
  5. Maybe Today
  6. Eggs
  7. Waiting
  8. How Many Times? (part III)
  9. This
  10. Grain Of Sand
  11. Gone
  12. If It Comes Around
  13. How Many Times? (part IV)
  14. Shine On
Tour dates:
  • 10/27 Boston, MA, Paradise Rock Club *
  • 10/28 Boston, MA, Paradise Rock Club *
  • 11/01 Canton, NY, Java Barn
  • 11/02 Plains, PA, River Street Jazz Cafe
  • 11/03 Syracuse, NY, Mezzanotte Lounge

* Ryan Montbleau is a big Boston Red Sox fan and he has arranged that you can watch the game while they play.

» ryanmontbleauband.com

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