October 24, 2007

New Monsoon: V

Rock jam band New Monsoon are back in the self-released business. Their firth studio album V is made by yet another different line-up, consisting of - you guessed it - five players. The San Franciscan outfit has been working the live circuit with hundreds of shows, slowly expanding their fanbase.

V sounds more commercial than its predecessor The Sound. They are still a West Coast band, but they are drifting Southern Rock. Song For Marie is an instrumental following the blueprints of Jessica, the Allman Brothers classic. Copper Mine could have been a song by The Band. Things get more interesting if they break out of the mold in songs like Neon Block (with a reggae back beat), The Other Side (funk) and the instrumental Romp with a bouncy banjo that will get live audience on their feet for sure.

New Monsoon:
Bo Carper: acoustic guitar, banjo, dobro, vocals
Jeff Miller: electric guitar, vocals
Ron Johnson: bass
Phil Ferlino: piano, organ, keyboards, vocals
Marty Ylitalo: drums

New Monsoon: V

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  1. Greenhouse
  2. Song for Marie
  3. Copper Mine
  4. Neon Black
  5. Water Vein
  6. The Other Side
  7. Romp
  8. Alaska
  9. Rattlesnake Ride
  10. White Sky Rain
Tour dates:
  • 10/25 Magnolia Festival, Live Oak, FL
  • 10/26 Magnolia Festival, Live Oak, FL
  • 10/27 Las Tortugas Festival @ Yosemite, Evergreen Lodge, CA (w/ TLG, ALO, BTS and more)
  • 10/28 Las Tortugas Festival @ Yosemite, Evergreen Lodge, CA (w/ TLG, ALO, BTS and more)
  • 11/02 WOW Hall, Eugene, OR All ages
  • 11/03 Doug Fir Lounge, Portland, OR
  • 11/05 Crytal Bay Casino, Crystal Bay, NV
  • 11/16 Belly Up, Solana Beach, CA
  • 11/17 The Mint, Los Angeles, CA
  • 12/07 19 Broadway, Fairfax, CA
  • 12/08 19 Broadway, Fairfax, CA
  • 12/28 Ogden Theater, Denver, CO (opening for Leftover Salmon)
  • 12/30 Club 115, Austin, TX
  • 12/31 Club 115, Austin, TX
  • 01/14 Jamcruise to Honduras and Mexico (thru 01/09), Fort Lauderdale, FL
  • 01/12 Ski Jam, Steamboat Springs, CO

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