October 01, 2007

Lions In The Street: haunted by The Years

Canadian band Lions In The Street are creating material for their first full length album, but they are haunted by the past:

While the band still haven't even begun recording what they'll consider their full-length debut, we might see an album credited to Lions In The Street sooner than we think. The album in question was shelved when the band, who were then known as The Years, were unceremoniously dropped by their label. Kinnon and his bandmates picked themselves up and regrouped as Lions In The Street, mistakenly thinking that the record was lost in music industry limbo forever.
"We were on 604 and Universal in Canada, and they've gone out of their way to make life difficult for us lately," says Kinnon of lingering problems from the deal that the band signed as The Years. "They're planning now to release the record that we made for them two years ago."

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