September 10, 2007

The Morning Pages: The Company You Keep

A New York band that plays blues heavy roots music with a country feel? Yup, The Morning Pages name The Band, Gram Parsons, Delaney & Bonnie, and Leon Russell as their musical heroes. Back in the old days records were made fast and cheap, and they still sounded great. It took The Pages two days to lay down five tracks for their EP The Company You Keep. They used analog tape to create a rich and warm sound. If it sounds that good on CD, a vinyl release should be in order.

The Morning Pages: The Company You Keep

The Morning Pages
Grant Maxwell: lead vocals, rhythm guitar
Alec Higgins: keys, harmony vocals
Kevin Drost: lead guitar
Matt Stoulil: bass guitar
Brian Kantor: drums, percussion, vocals

The Company You Keep is released on Zealous Records.

  1. With The Lord
  2. Don't Ask Me
  3. It Makes Me Cry
  4. No One By Your Side
  5. Lights Burn Brighter


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