September 24, 2007

The Donnas: Bitchin'

Brain dead lyrics. Well worn guitar licks. Some head banging. Sounds good to you? Bitchin' is the new album by The Donnas, the bastard kids of Dee Dee Ramone and Joan Jett.

The Donnas write lyrics about guys who have stood them up, going out and having a good time. That's been done before millions of times, but not quite as often sounding this good and upfront. Bubblegum with a bite.

The Donnas: Bitchin'

The Donnas:
Brett Anderson: Vocals
Torry Castellano: Drums
Maya Ford: Bass
Allison Robertson: Guitars

Bitchin' is released their own Purple Feather Records and is distributed through Redeye Distribution.


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