September 25, 2007

The Amateurs: Hongu Kongu

Folk never died, but went into hiding. The Amateurs relased an album with 13 songs that sound like they were taped in the early seventies. Hongu Kongu is a world weary album, despite its jangly guitar bits and a cheerful sounding ukulele. Singer Sarah Weatherson has a convincing voice with enough power to rise above the eccentric rhythms the band comes up with.

Any downsides? Yup, next time: tell songwriter Seth Chanas to refrain from singing backup. It's hard not to sing your own lyrics, but it can be done.

The Amateurs: Hongu Kongu
  1. Records
  2. Straight Home
  3. Things You Only Know If You Don't Drive
  4. Cool By Me
  5. Living Alone
  6. Dry Eyes
  7. Falling Back Again
  8. You're Dead
  9. Mustard
  10. The Water Of Leith Song
  11. A Blow For Blow Account Of Last Night
  12. Christmas Eve
  13. Trouble Brewing

Hongu Kongu is released on Letterbox Records.

The Amateurs:
Seth Chanas: vocals, acoustic guitar, harmonica, hawaiian guitar, ukulele, violin, trumpet
Damian Malone: drums
Ina Hanisch: bass guitar, violin, acoustic guitar, recorder
Sarah Weatherston: vocals, acoustic guitar, xylophone
Simon Chanas: electric guitar


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