September 09, 2007

Shelly Bhushan: Picking Daisies

What does record need to be labeled as a real "soul" album? A great voice, real musicians and good songs. Picking Daisies, the first full length album by New York singer Shelly Bhushan scores 3 out of 3. And like on all good soul records she sings about guys messing with her feelings.

Shelly Bhushan is from Texas and brings a tough of the deep south to the funky Motown heavy musical backing. She uses a real string section, live horns and thus brings back the glory days of late sixties pop. This lady should make it ten times as big as Joss Stone.

Joe Henry: Civilians

The band:
Harry Cordew: bass
Ben Hoffstein: organ
John Celentano: drums
Shelly Bhushan: vocals and the electric blue acoustic

Release date: September 20 on RedCard Records. Buy Picking Daisies at CDBaby.


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