September 20, 2007

Penny Century: Between A Hundred Lies

Half an hour of folky pop bliss. Penny Century have just released their album Between A Hundred Lies. Based in Ă–stersund, Sweden, a town in northern Sweden, the sextet have come up with 10 songs with a heavy sixties feel, none of which breaks the four minute mark. It is a stylish and sweet album, with snatches of violin and smart use of brass to boot.

Penny Century have delivered the soundtrack for a late afternoon picnic. Open a bottle of chilled white wine and play it one more time.

Penny Century: Between A Hundred Lies

Between A Hundred Lies is released on Letterbox Records.

Penny Century:
Julia Hanberg: lead vocals
Kim Fastesson: guitars, vocals
Erik Persson: guitars, vocals & lyrics
Pontus Sillren: bass & lyrics
Martin Soderin: drums
Markus Eriksson: piano, organ etc.

  1. Too Bitter To Be Charming
  2. Nothing Burns Like Bridges
  3. What I Never Learned To Say
  4. You, It's Always You
  5. Sounds Like A Melody
  6. Please Don't Go
  7. When The City Is Waking Up
  8. Another Day Leaves So Slow
  9. Between A Hundred Lies
  10. Streetlights, Snowflakes & You


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