September 29, 2007

Orange Is In: Come and Take It

The new EP from Orange Is In, Come and Take It, adds another layer to their American roots rock wardrobe. The band is performing regularly throughout Texas and the roadwork has paid off. The new material is tight but loose, the music of a band you want to hear live with your friends while snapping your fingers, tapping your feet and enjoying your beer.

Orange Is In: Come and Take It Tracks:
  1. Sticky Finger
  2. House Where You Go
  3. See Me Through
  4. Inside
  5. Strike You Down
  6. Johnny

Orange Is In:
George Kovacik: vocals
Jeff Balke: bass
Chris Rogers: guitar
Steve Salazar: drums
Amy Price: violin, vocals

Buy Come and Take It at CDBaby, or iTunes.


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