September 11, 2007

Meat Puppets: Rise To Your Knees

The Meat Puppets are back. The Kirkwood brothers have teamed up with new drummer Ted Marcus and recorde an album on a shoestring budget in Austin, TX. Rise To Your Knees is a return to form: the psychedelic guitar riffs, the haunting lyrics, it's all there. Chris Kirkwood kicked his heroin habit and once again provides the rock solid bass lines and washes of keyboards fills.

The Puppets have been through hell and back, splitting, reuniting, splitting again, and reuniting again. Will it last this time? The 2007 version at least came up with a good album. If it sells sufficiently, the Kirkwood bros will no longer need to get by on their Nirvana's MTV Unplugged performance royalty checks.

Meat Puppets: Rise To Your Knees

Meat Puppets:
Curt Kirkwood: guitar, vocals, keys
Cris Kirkwood: bass, vocals, keys, guit-jo
Ted Marcus: drums, percussion

Rise To Your Knees is released on Anodyne Records.


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