September 04, 2007

Baby Elephant: Turn My Teeth Up!

Baby Elephant is a project started by three musicians having a hell of a good time in the studio and inviting their friends to join in. Keyboard legend Bernie Worrell got a call from producer and DJ Prince Paul and Don Newkirk makes it three. The result is an album called Turn My Teeth Up!

Baby Elephant: Turn My Teeth Up!

It's not hiphop played over jazz (and thank God for that), but an exploration of the members musical backgrounds. And if Worrel is playing, you will get David Byrne, George Clinton, Nona Hendryx and a host of other alumni to touch up the basic tracks. It's not a party record, but it will cheer you up. If you can handle funky soul rhythms with a easy going flow on top, add this to your albums to buy list pronto.

Turn My Teeth Up! is released through Release date: September 11.


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