July 16, 2007

Vincent Bergeron: Philosophie Fantasmagorique

Vincent Bergeron - Philosophie Fantasmagorique

Ready for some Canadian left field electronic music? Vincent Bergeron has a new album called Philosophie Fantasmagorique. This a record which will appeal to you if think that Captain Beefheart was just a tiny bit too accesible. You need time to listen to this kind of record. If you are willing to go into the textures and layers that make up his soundscapes you will discover the new horizons of todays electronic music. Impress your friends. Nobody had heard of Vincent Bergeron. Until now.

Philosophie Fantasmagorique was composed with an imaginary movie in mind. It includes a 47 pages movie script about an artist realizing is state of being in a confusing world. All the lyrics were inspired by the movie script story, but don't always directly relate to it. The sentences wrote themselves in an hybrid form of English and French. I got used to this new musicality. This language approach is not a political statement – but it is if you want it that way. This project is only something that I hope suggests new ways to explore and a relief for someone who don't feel understood in this world (that's why I love songs so much).

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» critiquesdisques.com/vincent/music.htm

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