July 13, 2007

The Coral: Roots & Echoes

The Coral have a new album Roots & Echoes. The CD was recorded in the studio of Noel Gallagher, using all his vintage gear. The result: an album that sounds warm and polished, with some rough edges to keep it interesting. It's Britpop, but thankfully it lacks the self-indulgent "O I feel so bad, hope people realise I'm sad and buy this album to console me, so I can stack up on drugs to make the pain go away" attitude.

The Coral had its fair share of mishaps, but they have moved on, honing their craft of typical UK songwriting. If you like artists like Paul Weller, Roots & Echoes is definitely your cup of tea.

There are listening parties at these clubs in the UK in August:

Roots & Echoes is released on Delta Sonic Records. Release date: 6th August. The single Who's Gonna Find Me will be in the shops 30th July.

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» myspace.com/thecoral

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