July 04, 2007

The Coral: new single "Who's Gonna Find Me", album "Roots & Echoes" in August

Indie outfit The Coral have a new single Who's Gonna Find Me in the shops 30th July. It's the forerunner for the new album Roots & Echoes (release 6th August).

They hail from Liverpool, a tricky place to come from. If you are any good, people start comparing your band to the you-know-who. The Coral are a recording act since 2001, the year of their most famous song Dreaming Of You.

After some lineup changes they are currently playing the UK festival season.

Tour dates:

  • 07/08 T In The Park
  • 07/28 Lancashire County Cricket Ground *
  • 07/29 Lancashire County Cricket Ground *
  • 07/30 iTunes Festival, London
  • 08/18 V Festival, Chelmsford
  • 08/19 V Festival, Staffordshire

* Special guests to Arctic Monkeys

MP3: The Coral - Dreaming Of You

» thecoral.co.uk

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